Supporting national data drive to help inform NHS decision making

Citycare is collating vital primary care data to help inform future NHS decision making and pave the way to transforming services.  

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) has appointed Citycare to work with four CCGs in the Humber, Coast and Vale area, including Hull, the East Riding, North Lincolnshire, and North East Lincolnshire.

The team is gathering key primary care estates information including premises, practices, types of services, GP practice’s growth plans for the future and more to feed into the Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation (SHAPE) mapping tool, used by NHS England. 

SHAPE informs and supports the strategic planning of services and assets across the whole health economy, helping commissioners to determine service configuration which provides the best affordable access to healthcare.

Data is gathered through a combination of working with CCG teams, engaging with practices, and premises surveys, bringing the relevant data together in one place for the first time.

SHAPE was designed and launched by specialist data mapping company Parallel Data Intelligence Limited, which is part of the Shared Agenda family of businesses Citycare is also closely linked with.

Caroline Havler, Senior Consultant at Citycare, said: “We’re delighted to work on behalf of CHP to complete this significant programme of work.

“We’re familiar with a lot of the health estate in our area and we have existing and trusted relationships with the NHS locally, which makes us best-placed to carry out this work in partnership.

“The work we’re doing now will ultimately help to inform primary care estate decisions going forward and establish where resources are needed most.

“CCGs and PCNs will have access to vital data, and it will help towards working as efficiently as possible in the future. It will also support service transformation, such as those currently based in acute settings potentially relocating to the community.”

Citycare is one of CHP’s pre-precured partners in delivering work of this nature.

James Bawn Partnering and Engagement lead at CHP said:

“We are delighted to have appointed Citycare to carry out this vital piece of work, having been a close NHS LIFTCo partner for many years, we have full confidence the team will successfully work together with local CCGs to support the programme.

The work will be pivotal for the CHP led NHSE/I Primary Care Data Gathering Programme to enable a clearer understanding of the condition of the primary care estate, as well as providing significant data analysis and reporting tools available to the local health economy via the new PCDG SHAPE Atlas. This will assist key decision makers, including Primary Care Networks, to make informed decisions for the future of healthcare within their local premises.”